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Campers for Christ Rotational Sunday School

February 4, 2007

Ok, I already know what you all are thinking, “Didn’t we just decorate those rooms four years ago? Why are we doing it again?” Well, I promise you that if this new Sunday School model was just about decorating rooms to bring kids to church, then we wouldn’t have done it. I’m the one who decorated those classrooms the last time, so trust me when I say this was a necessity to making this program a success. We still have a lot of work to do, but the rooms are really starting to transform, and I thank everyone that is helping with the painting. It’s a tedious job, but it’s looking great!! I thought I would spend the next few paragraphs explaining Campers for Christ, so that it might clear up any confusion you have about this new format.

What is Campers for Christ?
Campers for Christ is a new experiential learning program for K-8th Grades. It is a Bible based, age appropriate, “hands-on” program where the children actually experience the Bible as they learn its message for them. Campers for Christ will replace the traditional Sunday School.

When will Campers for Christ start?
We are targeting to begin the program at the end of September.

What are these stations I keep hearing about?
The children who come to Campers for Christ will experience the Bible in ways that children learn best. Each 4-week session will give the children 4 stations to explore as they grow deeper in their understanding of the Bible and its message.

Stations could include:
• Computers
• Crafts
• Music
• Drama
• Videos
• Science
• Cooking
• Games
(Note: not every option will be included in every 4 week session)

The children will meet each week in the Library at 9:45 Sharp! I will do any announcements needed and then they will divide into age groups to go to their station of the day.

Why is Campers for Christ considered a Rotation Workshop Model?

It is proven that Rotational Learning provides:
• Increased Bible Literacy
• Increased Enthusiasm
• Increased Attendance of Children
• Increased Participation of Adults
• Easier Recruitment of Volunteers
• Increased Learning and Retention

How can I help prepare for this program to begin?
We still have a lot of painting to do, so if you have a few hours to spend at church, then that would be great! We will also be setting up a computer lab and a movie theater. We need to purchase several computer programs and movies, so any monetary donations would also be greatly appreciated! Just make sure to make a note on your check to go to “Children’s Sunday School.” If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.


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