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WOUMC Women’s Update

July 13, 2007

umw_ht1.jpgThanks to everyone who has brought food for the children’s weekend snack packs (for their Friday backpacks) distributed by the Food Bank.We will be calling them to pick up the first barrel and bring another. This is a worthwhile missionary project for our church, and we hope to fill more barrels before school begins, and possibly continue if there is enough interest. For those of you who have not yet contributed, why not keep this in mind when you shop for your own groceries and pick up one or tweo cans of soup, breakfast bars, small eay open cans of fruit, etc., and bring them for Food Bank barrels. We plan to keep the barrel at one door and a smaller container at the other for your convenience as you come in or leave the church. All of us love children and hate to think of their being hungry on weekends when they are not getting a school lunch, so let’s help as many as we can.


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